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Automobile & Truck Accident Guide

Automobile & Truck Accident Guide | Dan The Wreck Man | The Law Office of Dan Moore

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What to Do After a Car Accident Guide is Here

Check out our What To Do and Not To Do in a Car Accident guide for specific explanations. In this article, we will focus on the following events which is the procedure for filing a personal injury claim.

Before we get there, let’s recap our suggestions on what you should do after a car accident guide.

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How Should I React to a Car Accident?

  1. Speak with the police – Call the police as soon as possible to report an accident. Although you may believe that you can fix it yourself, the harm to both you and your car may be worse than you realize. Having a verified record of the incident is crucial.
  2. Wait until the police arrive on the scene before moving your automobile, unless the accident is impeding traffic and needs to be moved. If you must relocate your vehicle, snap pictures first. Keeping a disposable camera in your vehicle is an excellent method to be ready in case of an accident. You can also use the camera on your phone.
  3. Obtain the names of any witnesses. Since you can never be sure whether an accident will result in legal action, it is crucial to gather as much information as you can. Before they leave the area, get the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any prospective witnesses.
  4. Gather insurance information – Make a note of the other party’s insurance details, including the name of the insurance provider and the policy number. Make sure to note the name of the other driver. Keep track of the location of the accident. Also, capture images of the two automobiles. 
  5. Don’t confess fault – Only speak to the police about the accident, and even then, resist the urge to accept responsibility because you might be in the wrong. Accepting responsibility puts you in the insurance company’s crosshairs.
  6. Seek medical assistance – Even if you believe that you are not injured, some wounds may not always be apparent right away. Keep notes of everything your doctor says, including your diagnosis, the recommended course of therapy, and any worries the doctor may have. Get copies of whatever documents the doctor may have. 
  7. Do as your doctor instructs – If your doctor has prescribed medication, take it. If physical therapy is advised, schedule an appointment and keep it. Follow your doctor’s instructions and make sure to do all they advise.

The Procedure for Personal Injury Claims 

  1. After your doctor’s visits, a representative from an insurance company will get in touch with you soon and request a statement from you or try to get you to sign something. Consult a personal injury attorney before to making any statements or signing any documents.
  2. After you consult with our vehicle accident lawyers at The Law Office of Dan Moore , we’ll work with you to compile more proof. We’ll review your evidence and consult your medical records. We might go to the accident site and look for witnesses. We may even seek the advice of an accident reconstructionist in situations involving severe injuries or exceptionally catastrophic events.
  3. Based on our investigation, we will provide you a frank opinion of your claim’s viability, the value of your case, and the best course of action.
  4. The actual lawsuit filing is the next step in the procedure. Although you might be apprehensive to file a lawsuit against the at-fault motorist, it is necessary to do so in order to make a statement to the at-fault party’s insurance provider. In the event that a settlement cannot be reached before the statute of limitations runs out, it will also protect your rights.
  5. The court will issue a summons after receiving a complaint or petition and specifying when the defendant must reply. Both sides will interview witnesses, ask for documents, and respond to interrogatories as the case progresses.
  6. During pre-trial hearings and discussions, we might come to a settlement that ends the case. If doing so is in your best interests, we can settle the dispute in that way. But if the dispute cannot be resolved, a trial will be held. 

Have I Got a Case?

You may be able to file a personal injury claim if you were the victim of someone else’s negligence or carelessness.

Injury, liability, and coverage are required for personal injury claims that seek compensation for pain and suffering to be successful.

If any of these three conditions are met, The Law Office of Dan Moore can assist you in deciding whether to proceed with your personal injury claim. Bookmark this Automobile & Truck Accident Guide and Call Dan ‘The Wreck Man’ at 888-2-WRECKMAN. Dan Moore has many happy client testimonials and many Google 5-star reviews.

We hope this Automobile & Truck Accident Guide can be your bookmark URL when you get into an accident. If you’d like more content about the accident guide, check out our What To Do and Not To Do in a Car Accident guide for specific explanations.

Do You Need Legal Help?

If you are a victim of a personal injury as a result of someone else’s negligence and you believe you are due compensation, contact Dan ‘The Wreck Man’ from The Law Office of Dan Moore for an experienced personal injury trial lawyer and knowledgeable representation. So you can rest assured that you receive the best compensation you deserve and that your case is handled promptly and professionally. Call (972) 245-5432888-2-WRECKMAN.

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