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Leslie Beene
Leslie Beene
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I contracted legal representation with the Law Office of Dan Moore for a car accident in February 2022.

I was referred to Mr. Moore by an Uber driver who said Mr. Moore and his staff, specifically Ms. Janet Jackson, worked diligently on his car accident. In addition, he said they were always in contact with him, so he was completely satisfied with his legal representation.

I threw the dice, called Mr. Moore's office, and initiated legal representation.
It is my truth and experience that it was probably one of my best decisions.
Mr. Moore and his staff responded to all of my questions and concerns in a quick and timely manner, generally on the same day. In addition, all emails and text messages were answered...almost immediately.

I entered into an agreement with one of those attorneys advertised on television about 5 years ago, and they never returned my calls. It took over a year to settle, and I ended up having to discharge them and seek other counsel.

Ms. Jackson was professional, responsive, and has a disposition that I can only describe as attentive and genuinely concerned about giving me the best legal representation. Within 5 months, my case was settled, and I walked away with more than I expected.

I can honestly say that a car accident can turn your life upside down. The Law Office of Dan Moore took out all the chaos and disruption and dealt with the insurance companies head-on.

I recommend them to all my family and friends. If ever I am involved in another no-fault accident in the future, Dan Moore will definitely be at the top of my list.
Fannie Young
Fannie Young
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Attorney Dan Moore was my THIRD Attorney I asked to represent me in my car accident case. I just wanted my doctors and hospital bills to be paid. But GOD bless me to get more than that through Attorney Dan Moore, and I give GOD all my Thanksgiving for Attorney Dan Moore and his Staff.

The reason why I found Attorney Dan Moore and his Staff is rated 5 Stars is because I found Attorney Dan Moore to exhibits the following:

1. Morals is Mr. Moore's Character.
2. Attorney Moore is straight forward with honesty.
3. Attorney Moore is a Leader of Great Integrity.
4. Attorney Moore is highly intelligent.
5. Attorney Moore is trustworthy.
6. Attorney Moore is very humble when it He comes to respect His clients.

Attorney Dan Moore and His Staff exhibits a Rare Modern Day Honesty Law without gimmicks.

i recommends Attorney Dan Moore and His Staff to everyone who believes in honesty and desires the best representation for their case.

Continue to be Bless Attorney Dan Moore and His Staff forever!!!
Joseph Yow
Joseph Yow
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I met Dan while he was representing a good friend of my son, who was a top pick for Boston in the MLB draft. T.J. told me that he would never let me down. Dan has represented me and many of my clients for the past several years, and T.J. was right....he has never let me or ANY of us down!! In a tumultuous world, Dan Moore is a great bullet to have in your holster!!
Beta Bond
Beta Bond
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Dan will stand by your side like family , will fight for you & your freedom like no other, and is a great & hard working trustworthy man.

I would recommend Dan to anyone going through a hard time legally and I now have a friend for life. Thank you Dan. Best in Texas.
Tracy Barefoot
Tracy Barefoot
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Dan represented me in my personal injury case from a car wreck. He was diligent, caring and concerned that I get the best outcome possible.

He is very forthright about what to expect and how to handle any situation that could possibly arise.

I would highly recommend him because no matter the size of your case he will work as equally hard for all of his clients.
David McLaughlin
David McLaughlin
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Dan Moore and his office represented me in a work injury case which involved my employer and the facility were I was working.

Due to his efforts I realized $200,000+ settlement of for myself and my family. Most of all, when you call with questions or concerns, Dan and his staff patiently guide you through the process.

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